Vintage Ornate Border 50cm Quartz Wall Clock - Rustic Black Bronze Styling

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 Please note that the wall clock is not made of bronze.

A decorative, round quartz wall clock inspired by the classic iron wrought wall clocks of a bygone era. This unique design will make your interior take on character and style.

Besides keeping the time, wall clocks have other great benefits wall clock can provide the perfect touch to a bare wall, and are an easy substitute for a painting or mirror.

You might not need them, but it’s still nice to have an extra timepiece. Of course, that’s not really what you’ll use them for now, but they still make great decorative pieces.

They give style and personality to any room.

Quartz wall clocks are the most accurate home wall clocks today where the time is regulated by a quartz crystal oscillator inside the movement.

The quartz crystal oscillator creates a signal at a precise frequency of 32768 times each second making it very accurate.


What's in the box
  • 1 x Wall clock

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