Royalty Line 6L Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker


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Concept & Design

Since its foundation, Royalty Line has been focusing on providing advance concept and design of kitchen and household products to the world market.
Royalty Line has set to itself a target of offering its users the most easy to use, comfortable, durable and innovative products in todays highly competitive market.
Royalty Line focuses on supplying a wide variety of goods which cover most basic element of use in the kitchen and on the table of everyday users. Each item from its concept idea to the design construction is made to appeal and satisfy its users. Quality and precision are the two driving forces behind the brand.
Keeping up with world trends and the ever growing demand for high quality, durable and eye catching products is Royalty Lines mission.
We believe that with precision in the kitchen we can reach the highest user satisfaction.
Cook in to a whole new experience with Royalty Line

Product Description
Pressure Cooker

70% less cooking time with pressure cooker compared to usual cookware

Usual Cookware 50min
Pressure Cooker 15min

50% less energy usage with pressure cooker compared to usual cookware

Royalty Line pressure cooker obtains cooking level indicator.
When 1st white ring is visible, the pressure cooker steps into actual cooking time. When the 2nd red ring is visible, the heat under the cooker is too high, warning for lower the heat for proper cooking.

Measurement levels in the cooker will help you decide how much water is necessary to add.

Inner Pot Size: 6L
Launched in 2017
Can be used as a normal everyday cooking pot!

Side Handle:
For safe handling

with safer vent and rubber gasket for sealing

Pressure Limited Valve:
Easy-care valve with a safety mechanism

Indicator Rod:
Extra-large indicator rod with marks for indicating working sate

Cooker Body:
Stainless Steel

Turning Handle:
Safety handle for safe handling and opening or closing the lid

For clamping the lid safety

Push-Proof Valve:
With the safety mechanism and push-proof rod for indicating the pressure state

Usual Cookware 85%
Pressure Cooker 42%
Royalty Line Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

Conventional durable stainless steel body with a premium polish finish.
Save up to 70% less cooking time and up to 50% less energy compared to usual cooking. Cook natural and delicious food without sacrificing vitamins or natural flavor.

Handles are designed to fit your palm as ergonomic as possible to improve risk-free grip and comfort handling.

Turning handle on the top of the pressure cooker is so practical, it becomes easier to release and lock the lid of the cooker.

When the pressure cooker is locked securely, the red safety valve on the handle will be visible. This way, it ensured pressure cooker is keeping all steam and pressure inside properly.

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