Modern Stainless Steel Charcoal Stove & Braai - Mbaula FX-9191

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Stainless Steel Indoor & Outdoor Heavy Duty Charcoal & Wood Burning Stove


Please light the Mbaula outdoors and then move indoors once the charcoal is fully lit and produces no white smoke.

The Modern Heavy Duty Mbaula is a charcoal stove designed for Africa that reduces fuel consumption by more than 50% and reduces harmful emissions by more than 60% compared to traditional cooking methods.

The Mbaula consumes a reduced amount of charcoal and does not create lots of smoke making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

It does not leave a mess, it has an ashtray that collects the ash residues that fall from the combustion chamber. so all you have to do is empty the ashtray into the dustbin, making it suitable to be used indoors.

The Mbaula with its high power - low power options offers the opportunity to control its rate of fuel consumption, the ashtray also serves as a control for the heat output, by pushing the tray in, you set the stove to low power the charcoal burn slowly by reducing the airflow. Also with Jikokoa's high-temperature ceramic wool insulation, it does not lose heat from its body, unlike a regular charcoal stove.


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  • 1 x Modern Mbaula Charcoal Stove

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