Elegant King 5-Piece Mug Set Diamond Burgundy

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- Design to handle both hot and cold beverages
- Large and easy to grip: Mugs with an easy-grip handle are a must-have for hot or cold beverages
- Easy to clean: The large mugs won’t stain, easy to wipe or can be easily hand-washed
- Modern and decorative: These cups with two-tone colour design for a modern look, which add a little elegance
- Thicker and stronger than most coffee cups
- Sturdy, large size for coffee lovers
- Warm gift for your family and friend
- The handle is heat-proof
- Stylish Texture and Glaze
- Highly resist chips and cracks

Each coffee mug holds 300ml,(without filling it to the very top), they are perfect for cappuccino, coffee, tea, cocoa, mulled drinks.

You can also use them for breakfast cereals with milk, or for soup.

The colour is perfect and the two-colour around the mug matches any kitchen or home decor style.

The two-colour is very classic and elegant that makes it great for Office or Home. it also the perfect gift idea for your Family, Friends.

- Oven safe: No
- Microwave safe: No
- Dishwasher safe: No

What's in the box
2 x Mugs
2 x Spoons
1 x Plate

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