1400 Watt 3.5L Healthy Living Domestic Air Fryer & Baking Unit -Black Gold

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Chips, Steak, Lamb Chops, Prawns, Chicken, Fish, & Cake

Air fryers work by circulating hot air around a food item to create the same crispiness as in traditional fried foods.
Air fryers accomplish this by removing high-fat and high-calorie oils from the cooking process.

Benefits of air fryers
When used properly, air fryers offer many healthful benefits:
Using air fryers can promote weight loss
Switching from deep-fried foods to air-fried foods and reducing regular intake of unhealthful oils can promote weight loss.
Air fryers can be safer than deep fryers
Air fryers reduce the risk of toxic acrylamide formation
Cutting down on deep-fried foods reduces disease risk
By using just 1 tablespoon of cooking oil rather than multiple cups, a person can produce similar results as they would with a deep fryer with a fraction of the fat and calories.

Healthier frying
Dishwasher Safe parts
Quick clean basket
Family-size fryer
60 minutes time limit

Rated Voltage: 220-240V/60Hz
Wattage: 1400W

What's in the box
1 x Air fryer

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