10 Piece Brushed Aluminium Casserole Pot Set - Silver Shine Set

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The Aluminum Shine cookware set is light in weight, so large aluminum pots and other commercial catering equipment that are made out of aluminum are very easy to manage and carry. Also, aluminum Cookware is one of the most durable materials as long as it is well maintained.

Kitchen equipment that is made of aluminum conducts heat very well, which is the reason why it heats up fast and if it’s fairly thick, it will heat evenly, too. An aluminum pot will be ready to cook on within minutes thanks to its heat conductive properties.

Plus aluminum cools down faster as well. That’s because the high conductivity of aluminum works both ways, cookware heats up faster, but also cools down faster when cooking is done.

This Aluminum Cookware is cost-effective and easy on the wallet. Aluminum Cookware does not require high heat settings to heat up evenly. That means the homeowner who loves to cook with aluminum pots and pans saves money on electricity each month.

- All stove types excl. induction
- Pure Aluminium
- Heat resistant metal handles
- Polished finish
- Easy to clean
- Lightweight

What's in the box
5 x Casserole Pots
5 x Lids

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